Spotify Expands Roblox Universe With K-Pop-themed World – Adweek

After Spotify’s Roblox debut earlier this month, the platform has unveiled a new world in the interactive game centered on all things K-Pop.

Starting today, users can portal out of Spotify Island and into K-Park where they can connect with artists and other fans. The new world includes a K-Pop-themed cafe, with treats like dalgona coffee and boong uh bbang—a Korean fish-shaped bread. Roblox players can also virtually m…….

Can K-Pop Fans Save the Planet? – Atmos Magazine

The platform works on a grassroots level as opposed to imposing hierarchies; as such, Sarifah and Lee call themselves campaigners rather than founders. Including them, the community is operated by seven people in Indonesia, five in South Korea, and over 20 global ambassadors—fans who help to spread the word and conduct reach-outs. It’s currently funded by Actions Speak Louder, an Australia-based nonprofit global campaigning organ…….

K-pop: Kenyans top African consumers of fast-growing Korean music – Business Daily

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K-pop: Kenyans top African consumers of fast-growing Korean music

Friday January 13 2023

Kenyans top African consumers of fast-growing Korean music. PHOTO | AFP

A significant trend in global music in 2022 was the phenomenal success of the high-energy, fun-filled South Korean pop music, known as K-pop, signalling a major shift in the established orde…….

Social media post of parents burning all of their daughters K-pop … – allkpop

One of the specialties of being a K-pop fan is collecting the special merchandise and albums released by your favorite group. Of course, collecting these items might become costly, but fans are able to have memorabilia of their favorite artists.

The K-pop industry specializes in this field, as entertainment companies constantly release limited-edition merchandise for fans to collect. Students must either ask their parents to…….

Blackpink N.J. concert review: This little moment sold the K-pop superstars’ Newark show –

Between the booming bass thumps and intricate choreography of Blackpink’s sold-out concert in Newark Monday night, there were moments built into the show for the K-pop powerhouses to catch their breath, sip their water bottles and chat with the Prudential Center crowd.

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